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Joe Whitworth
Joe Whitworth
President & CEO of The Freshwater Trust
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The Freshwater Trust (TFT) is a group of problem solvers that design and implement data-driven, science-based solutions that ensure the resilience of freshwater resources. 

We pride ourselves on innovation on the ground and behind the scenes – the type of innovation that yields quantifiable impacts, bridges long-standing divides, and disrupts the inefficient and outdated systems by which we protect and restore our freshwater ecosystems. 

With advanced analytics, new financing and a laser focus on outcomes, we are working toward a future where freshwater resources are resilient enough to support the environment, economy and society, and to withstand the growing pressures of a changing climate. 

In order to better reflect this vision and represent the transparent, collaborative, holistic and catalytic organization you know us as, we are proud to reveal this new logo to you. 

This refresh comes 10 years after the development of our last logo. While our mission of preserving and restoring freshwater ecosystems has remained steadfast for more than 30 years, how we fix freshwater, and our deployment of advanced tools and technologies, has progressed.  

As part of the rebrand process, we listened to our audiences and asked what you knew to be true about our tools, projects and impact. Similar to the way data guides every decision and action at this organization, this feedback steered us toward our ultimate outcome. The following is a series of adjectives used to describe who we are, who we are not, and the challenges of developing a mark that speaks to everything TFT is. 


We wanted a mark that would allude to both the interconnected nature of our work and freshwater in its many forms. And we sought something that nodded to the basin scale and systems-change approach to our work.

Our comprehensive approach is our special sauce. There is not a single project that exists in a silo. Each is part of coordinated action because we can see, for the very first time thanks to advanced analytics, exactly what set of projects will make the greatest impact for the entire basin. What’s more: Our models and tools fundamentally change the systems by which all freshwater resources are protected and restored. 

Our country is at an inflection point and closely examining the systems by which it operates, in addition to who and what those systems support and fail. When a better system exists and a greater impact can be achieved, we must blaze a path forward. TFT has a better way of restoring and conserving freshwater ecosystems. 

A single design will never communicate everything we are. Yet this one authentically represents the scale and catalytic nature of our work. 

Thank you to Headwaters Council member Michelle Mark of Morning Assembly for her donated time, including listening and crafting designs for us to test and consider, and for this ultimate winner. Learn more about Michelle and what inspires her about TFT and this logo on our blog.  

Thank you to Headwaters Council members Nick Parish and Akbar Chisti for their invaluable guidance throughout the process.  

Thank you to Michelle Cardinal and Stephen Miller of Rain the Growth Agency for navigating technical jargon, big visions and even bigger personalities to help us identify messaging and target audiences that resulted in foundational material for this project. 

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October 23, 2020

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