Core Values

Our mission: To preserve & restore freshwater ecosystems


These five core values guide and drive our mission, our work and our belief in what we do for freshwater.


Unrelenting in our effort to fix freshwater ecosystems.

We are committed to the work it takes to achieve our mission. Our team is passionate about restoring freshwater ecosystems so that wild fish and other native species can thrive, and so local water resources are healthy enough to sustain local communities and economies.


Idealists, but also, realists.

We understand fixing rivers requires working through real-world issues with real people. We are committed to sitting at the table with anyone who is seeking to make a true, positive impact for the resource — and building a whole new table if needed. We know that the health of our economy matters, and our projects are proof that working lands, strong communities and healthy rivers can all coexist. And should.


Driven by science, data and results.

Our work is focused on quantifying environmental benefit, implementing restoration projects, and monitoring and adaptively managing this work to advance the science of applied restoration. We set goals and ensure we’re meeting them, even when that means spending more time and effort on the front end to determine the best place for a project, or on the back end to do long-term data collection and monitoring.


Problem solving through collaboration and civil discourse.

We understand that the problems facing freshwater ecosystems will not be solved by one person or by one organization. We want to partner with others to leverage social, environmental and economic resources and expertise to advance conservation. Our work environment strives to be challenging while remaining engaging and respectful.


We’re all in, and we value getting out.

We take our work seriously. But we also know that we are better at our jobs when we have time to pursue our individual interests and experience diverse perspectives. Spending time away from our desks fuels creativity and reminds us why we work so hard.