Ways To Give

You give. We make it count.

From keeping our rivers full and flowing to protecting valuable wildlife habitat, we understand that the impact we make originates with our donors.

Your contribution will help fund:

  • Habitat restoration projects to improve water quality and protect fish and other wildlife;
  • Flow restoration projects to ensure more water is kept in rivers;
  • Long-term monitoring to ensure our on-the-ground actions are achieving the outcomes we intended; and
  • Development of new science, technology and research to accelerate the pace and scale of freshwater conservation.

Make a Donation

If you are ready to give, thank you so much for your support. All donations support The Freshwater Trust’s mission to conserve and preserve freshwater ecosystems. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Make a Gift Now

Become a Sustaining Member of The Freshwater Trust!

TFT supporters who give on a monthly basis through a sustaining membership provide steady, reliable support for The Freshwater Trust. Since we know we can count on your monthly support, we are able to decrease fundraising expenses and put more of your contribution directly into programs dedicated to putting quantified conservation to work preserving and restoring our freshwater ecosystems.


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Stocks, Securities & Planned Giving – Protect the Future of Freshwater

By choosing to include The Freshwater Trust in your estate plans, you’re helping to ensure that clean, healthy rivers are not only a part of the legacy you leave behind but a part of your family’s future for years to come. There are a number of ways to make a planned gift to The Freshwater Trust, from wills, to trusts, to annuities or real estate, we can work with you on creative, flexible solutions that meet your needs and make a lasting difference. 

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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsors are vital to providing the financial and in-kind resources needed to support our freshwater ecosystems. The Freshwater Trust offers corporate partnership opportunities to develop successful marketing, giving and corporate social responsibility initiatives, while also offering meaningful support to help ensure that every action translates to a positive outcome for the environment.

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Blue Sky Habitat Fund

This fund provides residential and small business customers the choice to restore native fish habitat with a $2.50 monthly donation. The donations are given to The Freshwater Trust to administer multiple grants that restore habitat in Pacific Power’s service area.

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Employer Matching

Looking to increase your giving impact? Many companies and organizations will match charitable contributions from their employees to The Freshwater Trust.

Matching gifts programs make your donation to The Freshwater Trust double with ease! Many employers nationwide will make a charitable donation to a non-profit that you donate to dollar for dollar. Companies big and small participate in matching programs. Simply check with your employer or email us the name of your employer/company and we will contact you with more information.


Donate by Mail

The Freshwater Trust
Attn: Pam Andrews
P.O. Box 9205
Portland, Oregon 97207


Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Link your rewards card to The Freshwater Trust. The Community Rewards program makes fundraising easy by donating to us based on the grocery shopping you do every day.

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