Uplift Report


For decades, the restoration and conservation sectors have operated without transparency — tools that identify the best places to work, reporting on returns, and monitoring to guarantee outcomes. Operating blindly has cost invaluable progress, but this status quo wonʼt define our future.

The Freshwater Trust (TFT) puts coordinated action, analytics, and rapid funding for outcomes to work on behalf of river basins across the West. Our new approach, which has transparency at its heart, was born out of recognizing that the actions taken and the dollars spent havenʼt worked.

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Quarterly Impact Report

Our Quarterly Impact Reports are a timely update on how our donors are helping us make a tangible difference for freshwater ecosystems in need. In the first quarter edition of 2021, you’ll learn about a new milestone hit with the City of Medford, our Immerse benefit, and our new partnership with Hood River Distillers.

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Freshwater Magazine

freshwater was our biannual in-house magazine. Our staff, alongside partners in the conservation field, author a wide range of stories about science, restoration and freshwater.

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