Our rivers are in trouble, but we can fix them.

We have entered a new environmental era, one with far more daunting problems than we faced 50 years ago. Ensuring a more resilient future will require fundamentally changing the course of conservation. We need to have laser focus on solutions that are big enough – and bold enough – to match the scale of the problem. That’s what The Freshwater Trust is doing for rivers. Our mission is to preserve and restore freshwater ecosystems.

America's rivers are the backbone of our economy.

They sustain...

Yet our rivers are changing and not for the good.
Decades of treating a finite resource as infinite has had severe consequences.

The mightiest of waters have disappeared to mere trickles.

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Our freshwater resources are indicating that it’s time to change course. It’s time for big and bold.
It’s time for something new.

The Freshwater Trust is pioneering the next generation of conservation.


Quantified Conservation.

Moving beyond a procedure-based past to an outcome-based future is an approach called Quantified Conservation. It’s about ensuring every action translates to a positive outcome for the environment. It’s about leveraging the best practices used by businesses and social sector organizations to restore the state of our natural resources.

We put quantified conservation to work and offer services that accelerate the pace and scale of restoration.

And we have the know-how to get it done.

With 40 years of on-the-ground experience, The Freshwater Trust is the largest restoration-focused organization in the Pacific Northwest and the second largest conservation group based in Oregon. We have a unique mix of in-house staff expertise, ranging from fish biologists and hydrologists to GIS experts, business and conservation systems analysts, attorneys and ecosystem services analysts.

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