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Joe Whitworth
Joe Whitworth
President & CEO of The Freshwater Trust
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For decades, the restoration and conservation sectors have operated without transparency — tools that identify the best places to work, reporting on returns, and monitoring to guarantee outcomes. Operating blindly has cost invaluable progress, but this status quo wonʼt define our future.

The Freshwater Trust (TFT) puts coordinated action, analytics, and rapid funding for outcomes to work on behalf of river basins across the West. Our new approach, which has transparency at its heart, was born out of recognizing that the actions taken and the dollars spent havenʼt worked. A historically dry land coaxed into production, the West is in a megadrought — the worst in 1,200 years. World-renowned fisheries are at lowest runs ever recorded. A rapidly changing and unforgiving climate exacerbates these consequences. Getting honest about the urgency of this moment has inspired our innovation.

Behind the scenes, our science team puts patented tools to use. They transform silent landscapes into vivid stories that tell us where and how to act. Aggregated data and models provide long-needed direction by revealing the highest priority, lowest cost projects.

And in partnership with local businesses, municipalities, and landowners, we set targets for basin-wide programs. Then, together with our partners, our implementation team breaks ground with outcomes front of mind. Oddly, what is standard for every other sector is unprecedented in ours.

Transparency is at our core because achieving our mission is impossible in its absence.

Employing proven solutions from technology, finance, and policy is revolutionizing how effectively we can tackle the most critical water quality and quantity problems. Not only is this report proof of our approach; it is evidence of our commitment to remain transparent with you.

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Joe Whitworth

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The Freshwater Trust Uplift Report

October 30, 2022

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