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Monthly contributions help The Freshwater Trust go the distance.

Many of the things we do that sets us apart – our in-house scientists and research, our continued monitoring of projects, the hours it takes to roll up our sleeves and figure out how to do restoration better and more efficiently – are supported by private gifts from our close-knit community of monthly and annual donors.

While grant dollars cover a significant portion of our on-the-ground restoration work, other aspects such as site selection, watershed modeling, research and analysis, and monitoring are not typically covered. We rely on the continued, consistent support of donors to close the gap so that we can advance the field of freshwater restoration faster. Every month, every year, every gift helps us go the distance for rivers and restoring critical habitat.

What is the Freshwater Club?

Being a part of the Freshwater Club is the best way to give! TFT supporters who give on a monthly basis through a sustaining membership provide steady, reliable support for The Freshwater Trust. Since we know we can count on your monthly support, we are able to decrease fundraising expenses and put more of your contribution directly into programs.

How does The Freshwater Club Giving work?

It’s simple; your contribution is automatically charged from your bank account or credit/debit card each month. Your membership continues uninterrupted, but you can increase, decrease or stop your monthly gift at any time. Simply click the button below and choose “monthly” as your donation option.

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