Planned Giving

Water is a part of our history. Together, we can ensure it’s part of our future.

Our rivers, lakes and streams are the places we teach our children to fish and swim. The places we took our own first fishing and boating trips. The backdrops for annual summer vacations with family and friends. Our waters remind us who we are — and where we come from.

By choosing to include The Freshwater Trust in your estate plans, you’re helping to ensure that clean, healthy rivers are not only a part of the legacy you leave behind but a part of your family’s future for years to come. There are a number of ways to make a planned gift to The Freshwater Trust, from wills, to trusts, to annuities or real estate, we can work with you on creative, flexible solutions that meet your needs and make a lasting difference. 

Bequests under your will or trust

One of the simplest ways to make a gift to The Freshwater Trust is through your will. For an unrestricted gift that allows The Freshwater Trust to determine how to use the funds based on the most pressing needs, use the following language for your will and/or trust: .

Sample language for your will or trust:

“I give, devise and bequeath to The Freshwater Trust, a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Oregon and with a principal business address of 700 SW Taylor St #200, Portland, Oregon 97205 _________ [specific dollar amount, percentage, or remainder] to be used for its general purpose.”

If you have named The Freshwater Trust in your will or trust, please let us know so we can ensure that your gift is used according to your wishes. Notifying us of your plans will enable us to plan for the use of your future gift. However, if you prefer to remain anonymous, we will keep your name and gift in strict confidence.

BEQUEST POLICY: It is the general policy of The Freshwater Trust that all gifts shall be presumed to be for all charitable purposes (i.e., unrestricted) unless there is an explicit restriction. This allows the organization to apply the funds to the most pressing needs at the time of funding. 

Stocks and Securities

Donating stock is an easy and tax-smart way to fund The Freshwater Trust’s mission to support, preserve and conserve our freshwater ecosystems.

Make a gift to The Freshwater Trust by transferring appreciated stocks and securities instead of a traditional donation. By doing so, you may lower tax due on the capital gain and may receive an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the security.

For example, if you give stock with a fair market value of $1000 for which you paid only $100, the “cost” to you for making the gift is only $100. Plus, you may also be able to deduct the full $1000 from your income tax, thereby reducing your cost further. 

To have your broker transfer shares to The Freshwater Trust electronically, most brokerage firms will require a letter of intent from you to request the transfer. In the letter, provide your broker with the following account information, or have them call our accounting team at xxx-xxx-xxxx for more information. 

Account Information
Brokerage Firm:
Phone: Fax:
Account Name: The Freshwater Trust
Account #
Tax ID #93-0843521

We’re also happy to assist if you wish to donate physical stock certificates, contribute shares in a mutual fund or other appreciated security, or if you or your investment/financial advisor have any questions. 

Once your gift has been initiated, please let our team know. 

Gifts of Real Estate

A home, farm or land may have appreciated value to the degree that its sale would mean a sizeable capital gains tax. By donating this property to the organization, you may receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the property. It may also be possible to give your home to The Freshwater Trust, while retaining the right to use it for your lifetime. Explore your options with an estate planning attorney. 

Life Insurance Policies

A gift of a policy that is no longer needed for your family’s security would entitle you to an income tax deduction equal to the policy’s replacement cost at the date of the gift. Subsequent premiums paid by the donor would be deductible in the year of payment. The Freshwater Trust becomes the owner and beneficiary of the policy thereby allowing the deduction of the premium by the donor. 

Retirement or Pension Plans

Retirement benefits paid to a tax-exempt charity are not subject to income tax. Therefore, in some cases, it may be advantageous to other beneficiaries of a donor’s estate if the organization is designated as a beneficiary of the plan benefit.

Planned Giving Resources

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