Meet Our Faces of Freshwater

Haley Walker
Haley Walker
Communications Director for The Freshwater Trust
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We held our largest annual benefit last night.

Today, we’re proud to announce that with the help of nearly 320 individuals, we raised $190,000 to fix rivers in the West. Our theme of the evening was born of recognizing the wide array of parties working with us to get important work done on the ground and behind the scenes for the benefit of freshwater resources. Our community includes farmers, ranchers, philanthropists, state representatives, anglers, paddlers and others.

By titling our annual benefit “Faces of Freshwater,” we aimed to bring attention to the different parties helping us to make a difference. We showcased six individuals at the event, through written word and photography. If you couldn’t make it, we wanted to share them with you below. While we can’t profile all of our supporters, you should know just how critical individuals like you are to this community.

And if you were there last night, we appreciate your enthusiasm and energy for our mission. Oh, and hope you get some sleep tonight …  you party animals.

Thank you all.

Karin Power

Mom, State Representative & Associate General Counsel with The Freshwater Trust

“Our freshwater situation is precarious. Yet I know my son’s generation will be better off because of the game-changing solutions The Freshwater Trust is using right now.”

Arthine Cossey van Duyne

Managing Partner of WaterFunder, LLC and advisor to The Freshwater Trust

“I am impressed by the creative and thoughtful way The Freshwater Trust uses technology and innovative financing to improve watersheds, upstream and downstream.”

Jason Saulan

Rancher in Talent, Oregon 

“For so long people talked about water quality and grazing or management as separate. It’s the same thing, and this kind of dialogue is important right now.”

Roger Bachman

Angler & supporter of The Freshwater Trust for 35 years

“The Freshwater Trust has always been about results — getting results for wild fish. And that’s what I love. After all, we’re playing where they live.”

Gary Fish

Founder of Deschutes Brewery & Board Member of The Freshwater Trust

“Water is the largest ingredient in beer. It’s the most fundamental ingredient. If the water is not right, nothing else will be.”

Marko Bey

Co-Founder of Lomakatsi Restoration Project

What has really impressed me is how The Freshwater Trust combines practical restoration expertise with the best available science, while layering innovative funding strategies not programs for the long-term stewardship of freshwater systems.

Nancy Stevens

Longtime supporter of The Freshwater Trust

Jer and I fished rivers for 20 years together. There’s a lot of passion there. But The Freshwater Trust is about more than passion. They’re grounded in ration and research, and we could use a little more rational thinking in the world today.

March 9, 2018

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