Identifying where to do restoration in Little Butte Creek

Haley Walker
Haley Walker
Former Senior Director of Advancement for The Freshwater Trust
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Little Butte Creek is a tributary to the Rogue River. The modest stream travels 17 miles through a patchwork of pine forests and farms that make up the southern Oregon basin, providing cold water habitat for native fish species and irrigation to the cattle operations that define the region. Approximately 10,000 people live within the watershed.

Since 2011,  The Freshwater Trust has been improving water quality in the Rogue basin. That means restoring land along the main stem of the mighty river but also identifying projects along smaller and lesser known waterways like Little Butte, Neil and Bear Creeks.

In the following story map, you’ll discover where this creek is located, what makes it unique, what’s currently ailing it, and how we used modeling and publicly available data to determine exactly where to do restoration. Scroll through below or open up into a full screen here. 

April 6, 2018

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