The Declare Initiative

Publicly advocate for real change to the way we care for and manage water in the United States

Understanding is a catalyst for meaningful change. More individuals should know the ways water quality and quantity problems are impacting the economy, environment and human health. With funds raised through this initiative, The Freshwater Trust will not simply sound the alarm but spotlight accessible, practical and collaborative solutions to make a difference.

Through original research and writing, we will bring attention to freshwater issues in the West, challenge decisions that will not result in a healthy and sustainable future for fish, agriculture or communities, and champion clear steps forward. We’ll publish case studies about our projects, new research, tools and technologies. Our Communications Department will work with journalists to ensure our perspectives are included in local and national publications. And President Joe Whitworth and other staff will present about “Quantified Conservation” and advocate for data-driven solutions to strategic audiences at conferences and in other forums.

Additionally, we’ll work with universities to author articles for peer-reviewed journals, documenting how our Water Quality Trading program in Oregon has made a difference for the Rogue River and the ways in which our presence in the Sandy River Basin has improved habitat for three federally-listed native fish species. These articles will serve as scientifically-credible testaments to tangible results.

This critical work happens only by way of supporters like you. The funds raised through this initiative will raise our profile and guarantee more people know about water quality and quantity issues that impact our country and the available solutions for fixing them.

2016 – 2018

Shed light: Publish new case studies, stories and videos on our website and other platforms. Work with environmental journalists to ensure our projects and unique perspectives are included in the coverage of freshwater issues in America.

Gain credibility: Connect our scientists with universities and Ph.D. candidates to author and submit two articles about our findings and approach to peer-reviewed journals.


Together, we can raise $500,000 to achieve this initiative.

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