The Declare Initiative

Launch a campaign and form a coalition to advocate for real change to the way we care for and manage water in the United States

Understanding is a catalyst for meaningful change. More people should know the exact ways water quality and quantity problems are impacting the economy, environment and human health.

But rather than simply sounding an alarm, The Freshwater Trust will bring to light positive and available solutions that can be employed now to make a difference.

We will be launching our Campaign for Clear-Eyed Conservation nationally by asking people across the country to acknowledge that there are 21st century solutions to our freshwater problems, and they should be employed now.

Additionally, through original research and writing, we will bring widespread attention to impacts on freshwater happening in places like California, Oregon and Idaho, challenge decisions being made that will not ensure a healthy and sustainable future, and champion clear steps forward.

We will also author articles for peer-reviewed journals, documenting the ways in which our Water Quality Trading program in Oregon has made a difference for the Rogue River and how our decade of effort in the Sandy River Basin has improved habitat for three federally-listed native fish species. These articles will serve as scientifically-credible testaments to our tangible results.

2016 – 2018

Launch campaign and begin forming coalition: Ask scientists, elected officials, conservation leaders and supporters to sign onto a call to action acknowledging the freshwater problems in our country and the practical solutions that exist to solving them.

Shed light: Publish new case studies, stories and videos each year on our website and in national publications.

Gain credibility: Have our scientists author two articles about our work and submit to peer-reviewed journals.


Together, we can raise $500,000 to achieve this initiative.

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