The Declare Initiative

Credibly advocate for real change to the way we care for and manage water in the U.S. going forward.

Understanding is a catalyst for meaningful change. More people should know the exact ways water quality and quantity problems are impacting the economy, environment and human health. But rather than simply sounding an alarm, The Freshwater Trust will bring to light positive and available solutions that can be employed now to make a difference.

We will also bring together visionaries and doers to examine new business models, emerging technologies, innovative funding strategies and vexing policy issues. Essentially, these offerings will look at what is driving positive change for both the environment and the economy.

Understanding and broadly sharing the enabling conditions will allow for accelerated gains.

We seek to convene the right people in the right format with the right questions to clarify complexity, catalyze action and hasten the building of a new sector of the economy.

This is a key role in the design of a future that ensures freshwater health, economic prosperity, and fosters smart government.


2016 – 2018

Make sense of the complex water problem, and highlight the emerging solutions:  Convene visionaries and doers who are innovating the business models, financing, science, and technology that represent the future.

Shed light: Using case studies, podcasts, and blogs, we will build public awareness of the 21st century water problems and answers.

Gain credibility: By convening the right people around the right questions in the right formats, we will harness insights and illuminate smart pathways that represent the leading edge of how we build resilience for our economy and the natural resources which underpin it.


Together, we can raise $500,000 to achieve this initiative.

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