Campaign for Clear-Eyed Conservation

Clear-eyed: To have shrewd understanding and no illusions. We've launched a campaign that takes that approach to solving America's freshwater problems. Sign on below.

Pervasive problems. Powerful, practical solutions.

The once mighty Colorado River no longer reaches the sea. Runoff traveling down the Mississippi has caused a dead zone the size of Connecticut in the Gulf of Mexico. Californians are trucking water to their homes.

Every community, our entire economy, and all wildlife rely on healthy and abundant freshwater. Yet we have failed to treat it as an invaluable, finite resource.

None of us have done right by our waterways. It’s time for all of us to change it.  

The Freshwater Trust is setting forth a plan to retool the way we manage water and invest in conservation. We’re calling for a new era – one that doesn’t just admire the problem but brings to bear the solutions afforded by the 21st century.

It’s about providing clarity to the issues and using new tools and technologies to address them with precision and efficiency. It’s about ensuring investments made in restoring and protecting our rivers are returned with measurable outcomes.

These sentiments of collaboration, transparency and results can be summarized in four specific campaign components (See right).

If you are with us on these, add your name and help us blaze a new path forward – one where conservationists, producers, businesses, municipalities and legislators,  stand together for solutions and a sustainable freshwater future for all.