A Report Full of Resilience

Joe Whitworth
Joe Whitworth
President & CEO of The Freshwater Trust
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Wild fish are emblematic of it. The work we do on the ground and the technologies we develop behind the scenes help secure it for our landscapes. Our future demands it. 2020 tested it. 

This morning, we released the eighth edition of our Uplift Report, an annual report showcasing the results of our work.

Every individual playing a role in the stories and results you’re about to read had to be resilient in some way over the past year. As an organization, we tussled with the challenges of working remotely, invoked new ways of innovating from afar, navigated new funding realities, and continued fixing rivers on the ground and in person with strict safety measures in place.

The work that resulted during this time, and the latest data you’re about to dig into from six basins in three states, is proof of our ability to be resilient — and of your role in making that possible. 

Last year, we planted more than 10,000 native trees and shrubs, and built more than 30 large wood structures. These actions blocked solar load, reduced erosion and improved stream function – all of which we quantified. In this report, we will explain how the coalescence between conservation and agriculture ensures that as pressures on freshwater increase, our rivers still run.

Our partnerships kept more than 25,000 gallons of water instream, enabling healthier fish migration. You will have greater insight into how we used advanced analytics and innovative financing behind the scenes to know where to work in a basin, seeking the greatest uplift for the least cost. We shine a spotlight on how our success means the success of other rural businesses and bolsters local economies.

Any crisis, especially a pandemic, underlines the inherently interconnected nature of our world, and we continue to acknowledge how our projects affect the communities where we work. 

Our work contributes to the resilience of economies and the environment. And the evidence of this fact does not live only in these pages.

It’s found in the shade of a cottonwood tree and the slower water under a submerged log. It’s in the sound of a creek pulsing through summer and the splash of a spawning salmon in the fall. It’s in the glow of an analyst’s computer, the kitchen light of a rancher, and the open sign of a small family business. You are to thank for our impact that’s on display in this report and most importantly, in the real world. 

Your year-end gift improves the resiliency of this organization. As this latest report showcases, TFT’s resiliency begets the resiliency of landscapes, communities and economies. Thank you for your support. 

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October 26, 2020

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