Webinar: Adding It Up: Quantifying Uplift and Conservation Outcomes

April 16, 2016

The Freshwater Trust discusses the principles of Quantified Conservation, the next-generation approach to tracking and translating restoration actions into quantified conservation outcomes.

Listen to the recorded webinar from April 12, 2016.

This webinar covers:

  • The compelling reasons for quantifying “uplift,” a project’s environmental benefit based on pre-project and post-project conditions
  • How models and measurement are used to define environmental benefits
  • Case studies of environmental uplift for nutrients, stream function, streamflow and temperature

We provide an overview of our 2015 Uplift Report as well as feature the new interactive display of all uplift results from 2012-2015. Learn how models and project-site data are used to estimate uplift for stream restoration and land management projects, along with the monitoring and tracking tools used to demonstrate quantifiable progress over time.

Who should listen:

  • Restoration professionals
  • Regulatory agency personnel
  • Environmental engineers
  • Water and wastewater managers
  • Ecosystem services analysts
  • Funders and grant-makers


About the presenter:

Julia Bond, Science Director, leads the science and research efforts of The Freshwater Trust. She directs the application of new models to the analysis of freshwater ecosystems. Julia also provides key analytical support for water quality trading programs, conservation actions and policy work related to quantifying the environmental benefit of ecosystem services. She has deep experience in lake management, water quality monitoring, nutrient modeling and watershed assessment

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