Podcast: Best of freshwater Talk

December 15, 2015

To close out the year, we looked back at some of the best freshwater Talk episodes since launching in 2014.

Thinkers, professors, explorers and investors have joined me to share their perspectives and experiences on water, innovation, research and the economy.

Alexandra Cousteau talked about her journey across North America examining freshwater issues. Michael Reuter of the Nature Conservancy shared his observations about how farms and rivers interact. And Meg Lowman of the California Academy of Sciences walked us through how hot air balloons and harnesses are used for exploring tree canopies.

If you’re new to freshwater Talk or have simply fallen behind on a few episodes, this compilation is for you.

And stay tuned for the first episode of the new year, launching in January. We’ve got some big names in the 2016 queue not to be missed.



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