Donor Profile: Bill Hatcher, CEO of A to Z Wineworks

January 1, 2015

Breadth of Vision

Relationships are often born out of common interest. And the way Bill Hatcher came to support The Freshwater Trust is proof of this conviction.

Bill is a long-time fly fisherman, and he learned of the organization when it was Oregon Trout more than two decades ago at a fishing event.

“From the outset, long before its present incarnation, I could see that there was a vision for fixing rivers that went far beyond the parochial desires of fly fishers,” said Hatcher.

He says that breadth of vision caught his attention.

“The mission of many river steward organizations is focused upon a narrow constituency,” said Hatcher. “The mission of The Freshwater Trust has evolved to encompass everyone dependent on rivers, which is of course all of us. I can’t think of a group with a more far-reaching strategy and more creative tactics for executing that strategy.”

Based in Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine region, Hatcher’s company A to Z Wineworks is the world’s first winery certified as a B Corporation. The certification demonstrates the company’s deep commitment to transparency, accountability, and social, environmental and economic performance.

In order to be recognized as a Certified B Corporation, A to Z  had to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. These performance standards are comprehensive, measuring a company’s impact on its employees, suppliers, community, and the environment. The assessment included frank disclosure of information relating to A to Z Wineworks’ operations, hiring and promotion procedures, environmental management practices, and governance. It also had to legally expand its corporate responsibilities to include consideration of stakeholder interests.

Hatcher also supports Habitat for Humanity and Yamhill Community Action Partnership, a nonprofit running programs to improve the health, education and general welfare of those in need in Oregon’s Yamhill County.

He says there’s a reason The Freshwater Trust accounts for nearly all his environmental giving.

“As compared to environmental efforts addressed at climate, air quality or the condition of the Earth beneath our feet, water can be resuscitated more quickly,” he said. “Thus, for a relatively small business like us, the dollars we invest do realize a truly meaningful return on investment. When we give, we are not looking at what we get back but rather, how far our dollars go toward supporting the stated mission.”

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