Stream Restoration Work ‘Spawns’ Project Award

May 1, 2014

Last August, Greg Wanner, the Supervisory Fish Biologist for the Mount Hood National Forest’s Zigzag Ranger District, revisited a site on Still Creek where earlier in July, a restoration project added large wood and helped reconnect the stream to its surrounding ecosystem.

When he arrived, he immediately saw three steelhead making themselves at home in their refurbished habitat.

“That’s really good gratification that we’re doing what the fish want us to do,” Wanner said.

Now all the organizations involved, the US Forest Service, Oregon Bureau of Land Management and the Freshwater Trust (a coalition of agencies and nonprofits), earned even more gratification by landing a State Land Board Stream Project Award for exceptional stream, wetland and partnership projects for their 2013 work on Still Creek and Salmon River.

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