Rogue Challenge 2020

A virtual way to Fight for Fish

Tim Boyle, CEO of Columbia Sportswear, introduced the Rogue Challenge in 2018 as a collective call to Fight for Fish players to support specific, outcome-focused restoration projects in Oregon’s Rogue basin.

Over two years, and with two matches from Boyle himself, the challenge has raised more than $814,000.

As a result, The Freshwater Trust has successfully implemented nearly 20 new restoration projects in a basin that desperately needs fixing.

Learn about how rivers and golf came together to create this 16-year-old tournament in the video below.

Why the Rogue?

The Rogue River is one of America’s Wild & Scenic Rivers, but it is also one with significant water quality issues. It is also home to critical populations of Chinook, Coho and Steelhead.

At 200 miles long, the Rogue tumbles past sandy beaches, evergreens peeking through low clouds, and grey canyons striped with green lichen. Draining some three million acres, it also flows past farms, ranches and orchards, and through major metropolitan areas. Yet many parts of its length don’t have healthy streamside forests, causing the water to warm and impacting the species calling it home. Tributaries also lack large wood and side channels, which means less habitat in places fish need it most.

With a set of local partners, we’ve solved these problems since 2012 by planting thousands of native trees and shrubs and replacing wood where it would naturally accumulate. TFT has also improved water quality by preventing cattle from having direct access to creeks and streams.

Learn more about the Rogue

In 2019, thanks to Rogue Challenge participants, The Freshwater Trust implemented 9 new projects, recruited 8 new landowners, planted 25,000 new trees and built 25 new large wood structures.

Learn specifics of last year’s projects.

2020 Challenge

Because many are unable to make the 2020 tournament, The Freshwater Trust established a virtual way for players to know what the challenge is this year and what will be accomplished with your continued support. Even from home, we need your help to fight for fish.

Every year, The Freshwater Trust presents to players like you proposed projects, including where they are and what action we’ll be taking. Then, after the funds are raised and the project is implemented, players receive updates on the outcomes of the projects.

In 2020, by raising $200,000 from you now and receiving a $200,000 match from Tim Boyle, here’s what we can do before the end of the summer. Without you, these projects will not be implemented. 

The white markers are the projects that Rogue Challenge participants made happen last year. The green & orange are what we have planned this year, if we can raise the funds to make them happen.

Each project has a cost associated and a number of ways you can give to make that project possible.

Contributions to date