Video – It’s The River That Binds Us: A Staff Story

July 8, 2016


We’re fish people. In fact, The Freshwater Trust got its start as Oregon Trout, the first wild fish conservation group in the Pacific Northwest. While scientists, biologists, storytellers and analysts during the week, on days off, you’ll find at least a few of us wadered up with a rod in hand.

We recently took an opportunity to head out to Oregon’s mighty Deschutes River and talk to three of our staff about how fly fishing connects them to the water, each other and ultimately the work they do for The Freshwater Trust.

We were fortunate enough to partner with Columbia Sportswear for this video. Columbia has supported our organization for more than a decade through financial and in-kind contributions. This commitment has allowed us to achieve meaningful results for rivers in the region and emerge as leaders of the “Quantified Conservation” movement. Most recently, with this support, we moved into a new, collaborative office space above Columbia’s flagship store in downtown Portland.

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