Photo of the Month

August 2017

Winner: Alexander Thornburg
Lyle Cherry Orchard, Columbia River

May 2016

Winner: Mark Maxwell
Basket Slough National Wildlife Refuge

April 2016

Winner: Noel Dong
Henline Falls, OR.

March 2016

Winner: Katie Newton
Summer Lake, OR — A winter storm meets summer lake in southern Oregon.

February 2016

Winner: Ivan Johnson
Clatskanie Falls, Clatskanie, OR.

January 2016

Winner: Don Jacobson
Stevens Creek Falls, WA.

December 2015

Winner: Michael Peterson
Herman Creek, OR. — Chinook salmon fall 2015 in Herman Creek near the city of Cascade Locks Oregon.

October 2015

Winner: Tammy Bryant
Dixie Creek, OR.

September 2015

Winner: Bradley Boulton
Lower Lewis River Falls, WA.

August 2015

Winner: Scott Wright
Crooked River, OR.

June 2015

Winner: Clifford Paguio
Columbia Gorge, OR.

May 2015

Winner: Kevin Cowley
Columbia Hills State Park, WA.

April 2015

Winner: Peter Davis
Wahclella Falls, Columbia River Gorge, OR.