pFriem x TFT

Make Your Gift

Throughout the month of July, pFriem is matching every dollar given. 

pFriem Family Brewers, one of the premier family-owned breweries in the Northwest, invited The Freshwater Trust to be their partner. It was a natural fit, given that high-quality, local water—and enough of it—is at the heart of pFriem’s business.

And so, with your support, we are kicking this partnership into high gear to raise critical funds for an ambitious summer of restoration & conservation work. While our mission is executed upon year-round, the next few months are when some of the most significant action takes place.

With this match and your generous support, our hope is to raise at least $20K to guarantee we have the funds needed to:

  •     Track Performance: We monitor and gather critical data and fish response for all our projects.
  •     Take Action: Together with our partners, we implement large-scale restoration in the Sandy, McKenzie, and Rogue basins;
  •     Make Progress: To further reduce harmful algal blooms in the Crooked and Lower Deschutes, we’re working with partners & landowners to devise a solid plan.
  •     Innovate: We continue to refine analytical tools, like our StreamBank toolkit, that allow us to identify & prioritize actions to improve water quality & quantity.

There’s a narrow window this summer when we can break ground on some things – like fish passage projects, tree plantings, the building of new large wood structures, and monitoring. That’s why your timely support will make such a difference right now.

The Why

TFT – Using science, technology, policy and finance, The Freshwater Trust builds and manages solutions that improve water quality and quantity. With data and 21st century tools and technologies, we enable smarter watershed management to happen faster and at a greater scale. We also employ our solutions on the ground for the benefit of both watersheds and the plants, animals and people that rely on them.