Partner Profile: PNDLM, Software Developers

April 12, 2023

Partnerships with innovative organizations help us learn, grow and achieve our mission to preserve and protect freshwater ecosystems. Our tools and technology start with solid foundations of data, analysis, and modeling. The back-end structure, data management, and user interface must support this foundation. We have the privilege of collaborating with Portland, Oregon-based PNDLM (pronounced pendulum) on our tech platforms. We chatted with Jeff Van Boxtel, PNDLM Director of Engineering, possessor of an abundance of patience, and guru of intricate programming details.

Can you share in a few words what your company does?

PNDLM works with corporate and non-profit innovators to fix, speed up, simplify, and re-imagine software products and business systems.

What would you consider the most unique element of your business?

One unique aspect of our business is the opportunity to work on projects across many different industries. We’ve worked with organizations doing marketing, healthcare, energy, environmental conservation, footwear, and even underwear! Everyone has complex problems in search of technological solutions. Our job allows us to meet people from many different backgrounds and learn a lot about each of their specialties.

How did you get into this profession?

Several of our employees attended high school together as part of the Science, Math and Technology magnet program at Skyview High School in Vancouver, Washington. Though we were not in frequent contact after graduation, our paths happened to cross again when Colin Black formed PNDLM in 2012. At the time, I worked as a software developer at a large healthcare organization. Colin recognized that several of us had talents which were being underutilized in the corporate space and he brought us on to tackle more challenging problems with his clients.

PNDLM employees enjoying downtime together. Jeff Van Boxtel on far right. 

How did your organization first start working with The Freshwater Trust?

Although it feels like just yesterday, it was actually more than 10 years ago when we were first introduced to Sharon Gordon through mutual connections here in Portland. I remember meeting with Sharon for coffee in downtown Portland and discussing those first, small projects. Over time we have gotten to work with more and more of the TFT team. It’s been a fantastic collaboration!

What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on with TFT and why?

The new StreamBank® Monitoring App project is probably my favorite. It was great to be given the opportunity to redesign the application from the ground up. We were able to completely overhaul the design and use the latest web technologies. Because there was an established team experienced with the existing app, the users had a lot of great feedback on what worked well and what could be improved. That level of insight allowed us to make a really well-polished product.

Detailed wireframes were part of the software development and client communication process for the StreamBank Monitoring App.

Tell me about a few goals of your organization for the next years.

We’d like to do more of the same, with all the familiar faces! We don’t rest in the pursuit of continual improvement, but we also love what we are doing right here, right now. It’s amazing to see what is possible in collaboration with our incredible clients and partners.

How do you connect your work to your community or to issues that are important to you?

With groups like The Freshwater Trust that are making a real difference in the world, we work hard to offer special pricing, sponsorships or donations on our services to assist in making even more of an impact. We’re also proud to report that our employees donate to a breadth of causes all over the world on issues including the environment, hunger and poverty, human trafficking, and human rights.

Why do you like working with TFT?

The best part of working with The Freshwater Trust is working with an outstanding team of talented and friendly people. To build good software that meets the customer’s needs, you need a team of subject matter experts that can effectively communicate the nuanced details of their work. In that regard I’ve been really impressed with the staff at The Freshwater Trust. Not only have they been able to explain complicated concepts to our team, but they have also been quick to pick up on the nuances of our software development trade.

I believe this cooperative dynamic and excellent communication is why our partnership has flourished.

We really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the important work TFT is doing and look forward to doing many more great things together in the future!

What do you enjoy about living in the Pacific Northwest?

One thing I love about living in the Pacific Northwest, and Portland specifically, is that we are less than a couple hours’ drive from both the ocean and the snow-covered mountains. It feels pretty special that my son, at only age 3, has already experienced jumping waves at the Oregon coast, camping at Dorena Lake, and snow sledding on Mt. Hood. Oh, and I almost forgot! The Pacific Northwest is the hop capital of the world. We have some of the best, freshest, and most sought-after beer on the entire planet.

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