Partner Profile: Ahimsa Gardens

September 8, 2022

Working with trusted partners in watersheds across the West is invaluable to fulfilling TFT’s mission to preserve and protect freshwater ecosystems. We recently had the great pleasure of sitting down with owner Jenny Kuehnle from Ahimsa Gardens in Ashland, Oregon, to chat about the work that they do and about the strong partnership we have built together helping restore watersheds in the Rouge Valley.

Can you share with us exactly what your company does? How many people do you employ?

Founded in 2016, Ahimsa Gardens is a full-service landscaping company in the Rogue Valley. We offer ecological landscape design, installation, and maintenance services for our clients. We’re developing a niche for ourselves helping people convert their landscapes to at least 60% native plants. That’s the percentage needed to support native bird and insect populations in our bioregion.

Ahimsa Gardens staff posing in front of truck

The Ahimsa Gardens crew

What is your favorite project you have worked on with TFT, and why?

Neil Creek. I love this project because it was our first with TFT and our entire crew worked together to install it. Ahimsa Gardens did the layout and planting, installed a temporary irrigation system that will water the plants for several years. We are very proud of how it looks and excited to watch it mature as we get to be stewards of the site for the next three years. The project is beautifully situated in the Valley where the creek runs through several private properties. We have a special place in our hearts for Neil Creek.

If you had to pick a plant that represents you, what would it be and why?

Snowberry. It’s hardy, versatile, and has year-round interest with white berries in the winter that provide forage for critters.

Common Snowberry

Common snowberry (symphoricarpos albus)

Tell me about some goals for your business next year.

I would like all our existing clients and future clients to embrace the goal of having 60% native plants in their gardens. I want to have more machinery, more leadership staff, more space to store tools and equipment, and a more detailed organization of our systems and processes to handle this greater capacity.

What is your elevator pitch for the Rogue Valley?

Come visit! Tour TFT restoration sites. Get inspired by the incredible work being done here, and then go back to your hometown and do the work there too.

How did you first start working with TFT and why do you like working with TFT?

TFT staff saw our maintenance crew doing work for the landlord around the Ashland office and were impressed with what we were doing. Also, around that time, a friend of mine mentioned Ahimsa Gardens to TFT. We love working with TFT because the projects we are doing inspire us. Knowing that we are helping to restore beaver, salmon, native bird, and insect habitat is incredibly inspiring to all of us. This brings hope and meaning into our lives.

Stream in a forest



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