2015 Annual Report Documents Big Results

July 21, 2016


We’re proud to have just released our 2015 Annual Report. Through a series of stories written by our staff, we’re happy to report upon a number of critical milestones met during our fight for a future with clean, healthy waterways.

Explore. Restore. Share. Renew. Innovate. We’re able to do all these things, thanks to the support of many generous donors. Dive into this letter from President Joe Whitworth and then click below to read the full 2015 report.

Thank you for following us, supporting us, and caring about the future of freshwater. 

Andy Meeks 

Development Director



When I think about where The Freshwater Trust was ten, five and even one year ago, I’m astounded by our growth, perseverance and tenacity. These qualities don’t just appear. They take time to cultivate. They come from having people like you behind us.


That’s why I know I speak for the entire staff when I say thank you for your dedication and investment in 2015. It’s made a real difference in the impact The Freshwater Trust has made on the world of conservation. With a solid foundation, we have the confidence to jump for the big solutions. This is what you want out of any good organization. Deep roots. Strategic ambition. Relentless effort.


Our donors have helped The Freshwater Trust grow to nearly 50 staff members with four offices in three states — including the new headquarters in downtown Portland. Over the last year, we’ve taken our tools and technologies to the next level. We gained traction with more cities, farmers, ranchers, conservation groups and the public at large. We owe success like this to you. Rest assured: We will continue fighting for outcomes that matter and bring our innovative solutions to bear on the most pressing problems in Oregon, California, Idaho and the country at large.


We wouldn’t be who we are today – nor who we will be tomorrow – without you.


In earnest,


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