Infographic: Uplift metrics

October 1, 2018

In 2011, we coined the term “uplift” to describe the measurable — or quantifiable — impacts of our work. The kind of tracking and reporting we do is sometimes not paid for and could be left undone.

But with the support of our donor community, we are able to monitor each project we implement for years afterwards. Long-term monitoring gives us the proof of exactly how we’re making an impact. Without it, we, and the entire restoration community, could not say what lasting improvements our projects have had.

The results in the following infographic are uplifting. After six years, the outcomes are starting to add up. In the march of these numbers, we see the progress year after year of being dedicated to hard work and thorough processes. We experience the transformation of multiple streamsides from degraded to flourishing. We see native fish spawning and thriving, cleaner water and stronger communities.

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