Infographic: Uplift in the Sandy

October 1, 2018

At one time, the Sandy was chock full of large wood. Trees from the surrounding lush, old growth forests would fall in and naturally congregate. They would slow the water around them, aiding in the formation of side channels, opening the floodplain, and providing habitat for Chinook, coho, steelhead and trout. Yet clearcut logging near the river’s edge and the removal of large wood following the flood of 1964 dramatically changed the habitat here. We’re bringing this watershed back to what it used to be.

Our progress in the Sandy has been monitored in terms of functional linear feet (FLF), a metric that tells us how much the natural stream function has been restored. It’s a good indicator of what’s needed to support native fish habitat.

The below infographic illustrates the nearly 11,000 FLF of stream function restored since 2013.

Click here to view larger image.

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