Infographic: The Freshwater Trust in California

October 24, 2016

Last spring, Erik Ringelberg, California Director, turned the key to his new office in Sacramento. For now, he has one office mate: A plant. It won’t be the case for long.

Ringelberg is leading The Freshwater Trust’s effort to bring collaborative, data-driven solutions to water quality and quantity issues in the Golden State. Data analysts, engineers and development professionals will soon join him.

The Freshwater Trust doesn’t see what’s happening in California as doom and gloom. We opened our fourth office in the capital city because there are opportunities to apply the candid, bold problem-solving that’s made a difference for Oregon and Idaho to ailing freshwater resources, communities, wildlife and economies south of us.

Groundwater management. Policy guidance. Restoration. Wastewater compliance. The integration of data and new technologies into water management. This is a sampling of what we’re bringing to the table, along with candor about the problem and a staunch commitment to results.

See below for a short summary of the things we’re working on now, and click here for our SB 88 Alternative Compliance Plan Opt-in form.


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