Video – Consumption & Conservation: A Local Story

October 4, 2016


After New York Times reporter Freda Moon visited Portland for 36 hours, she concluded, “There is no place in the country better known as a bastion of good living, leisure and happy inebriation than Oregon’s largest little city.”

As locals, we’d approve that statement. Portland, Oregon, is one of the most enterprising food cities in the nation, holding its own against much larger competitors like Boston, Washington, D.C., and even New York. And despite the many places beer is brewed these days, our hometown has been dubbed America’s beer capital. There’s a undeniably vibrant and unique culture of consumption here – and it’s only growing.

So when The Freshwater Trust started to look for businesses doing big things for the world of water, we knew we had to consider the local food and beverage industry. We found three who know the value of water and understand that it’s not only possible – but mission critical – to run a business and care about the natural resources that support our economy and environment.

Big thanks to Hopworks Brewery, Laurelhurst Market and J.K. Carriere Winery.

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