Can Analytics Fix the Water Crisis?

Traditional conservation often uses uncoordinated actions to save water, but how do you know those actions even work?

Without data, you cannot measure conservation effectiveness accurately.

At The Freshwater Trust, we pioneered quantified conservation, pushing data beyond only measuring effectiveness. We’re using analytics and advanced data mapping to be proactive and make data-driven decisions on water conservation projects that deliver the biggest impact at the lowest possible cost.

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Who is The Freshwater Trust?

The Freshwater Trust (TFT) is a nonprofit organization comprised of problem solvers who design and implement data-driven, science-based solutions that protect and restore freshwater ecosystems. In simple terms, we’re using data and analytics to help us fix and restore rivers more effectively. 

With the pressures of climate change and the ever-growing demands on freshwater resources, it is more important than ever to put the right tools and strategies in place to develop a more resilient future that can support our environment, economy, and society now and for future generations.

We are tech-enabled for the 21st century, and through our technology, we can enable smarter watershed management solutions to happen faster, at a greater scale, and in the most cost-effective way possible. 

Using strategic partnerships, science, technology, policy, and innovative financial tools, TFT builds and manages collaborative solutions that improve water quality and quantity. We’re here to bring all the stakeholders together and find consensus on our mutual desires to save our most precious resource. 

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