Tim Wigington
Vice President - Finance & Policy

Tim Wigington is the Vice President of Finance & Policy at The Freshwater Trust (TFT). Tim is responsible for developing the transaction and business models necessary to fund, finance and deploy watershed-scale solutions, and for pursuing legislative, regulatory and policy changes that will drive more funding and programs toward integration, speed, and results. In recent years, Tim has been deeply engaged in the enabling policy, development and pricing of water quality trading and other outcomes-based solutions, including drafting the compliance plan and program budget for a $350M watershed restoration compliance program for a hydroelectric company, and developing municipal water quality trading programs in the Northwest, including the nation’s first Clean Water State Revolving Fund-financed trading program. Looking forward, Tim will focus on converting these outcomes-driven program examples into bigger, better integrated, multi-party funding solutions that achieve durable watershed-scale results. Tim is also a member of TFT’s executive team. Tim holds bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Spanish and an MBA from the University of Portland, and a Juris Doctor from Lewis & Clark Law School. Prior to joining TFT, Tim worked at an environmental litigation and business law firm, and clerked for several other environmental groups in the Northwest.

Tim’s Why: In the face of accelerating climate change, a growing global population and declining freshwater health across the world, we need transformative water solutions now. As an environmental sector, we cannot expect to keep doing the same things and achieve different results. Instead of continuing to accept an unacceptable status quo, TFT is doggedly pursuing systems level change with the two “big gears”—technology and finance—that are powerful enough to drive us toward fundamentally different outcomes on the ground.

Home River: Boulder Creek, Colorado