Tim Wigington
Vice President - Finance & Policy

Tim brings several years of diverse environmental law, policy, and business experience to The Freshwater Trust. As the Vice President of Finance & Policy, Tim manages the organization’s finances, works to improve cost forecasting/management processes, helps administer implementation projects, and develops ecosystem service pricing and risk management models. Tim also works with the policy and analytical teams to help design water quality improvement solutions that balance policy, legal, technical and economic variables, while also helping to develop new policy that will strengthen ecosystem service programs. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Spanish and an MBA from the University of Portland, and a Juris Doctor from Lewis & Clark Law School. Prior to joining The Freshwater Trust, Tim worked at an environmental litigation and business law firm, and clerked for other environmental groups in the Northwest. Outside the office, he can be found hanging out with his wife and dog, hiking, biking, camping, skiing, traveling, and taking lots of photos.

Tim’s Why: In the face of accelerating climate change, a growing global population and declining freshwater health across the world, we need transformative water solutions now. As an environmental sector, we cannot expect to keep doing the same things and achieve different results. Instead of continuing to accept an unacceptable status quo, TFT is doggedly pursuing systems level change with the two “big gears”—technology and finance—that are powerful enough to drive us toward fundamentally different outcomes on the ground.

Home River: Boulder Creek, Colorado