Stephanie Tatge

Stephanie’s experience is centered upon grower decision-making and the adoption of new practices and technologies.  Prior to joining TFT, Stephanie worked with  small scale farmers for four years in East Africa, the California Conservation Corps in Stanislaus National Forest, and with Sarasota County Resource Protection Services in her hometown. She has a MSc in International Agricultural Development from UC Davis, where her primary research investigated diffusion-of-innovation trends throughout information networks using spatially explicit statistical modelling approaches. As an Agroecologist, she uses some of those same approaches to develop rigorous systems and protocols for quantifying the ecological and economic outcomes of various agricultural management practices and habitat restoration actions. When outside the Sacramento office, she enjoys playing fiddle and getting to the Sierras as often as possible.

Stephanie’s Why: I work at TFT because I believe our pioneering work paves the way for communities to adapt to and mitigate climate change. More broadly, our whole species needs to think about conservation in a brand new way that simultaneously leverages – and challenges – our current economic and political systems, and TFT is moving that needle in a meaningful way.

Home River:  Stanislaus River (middle fork), California