Renai Bell
Senior Director of Product & Technology

As the Senior Director of Product & Technology, Renai leverages The Freshwater Trust’s ambitious vision to influence and guide the strategic direction of products and services. She collaborates with teams across the organization to ensure the delivery of innovative solutions that improve the quantity and quality of freshwater systems now and well into the future. After graduating with a BS in Accountancy, Renai began her career in management and bookkeeping in the nonprofit industry. After several years, her career took a pivot when she became one of the first members of the product management team at a start-up software company, and she never looked back. Over the last decade, she’s worked at large and small software companies in a variety of industries, leading and empowering product and engineering teams to deliver innovative, automated, scalable solutions. Outside of work, Renai loves hiking, biking to breweries, and watching her plants grow. She also volunteers as a math tutor to students working to earn their GEDs.

Home River: Columbia River, Oregon