Pam Andrews
Philanthropy Coordinator

Pam brings a wealth of development and nonprofit knowledge to The Freshwater Trust. She has several years of experience supporting nonprofits, including the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership and Wolftree, Inc. Pam holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and Family Studies from the University of Illinois. As the Philanthropy Coordinator, Pam plays a critical role on the development team, providing donor relations support and tracking of gifts and other donations. She also provides invaluable logistical support on all special events. In her free time, Pam prefers to be outside hiking and gardening. As the former owner of a personal chef business, she also enjoys experimenting with the amazing bounty of the Northwest food scene.

Pam’s Why: As a kid I used to catch frogs in the creek behind my house and ice skate on the pond during winter. I have always loved being close to water for recreation and rejuvenation and can’t imagine a world where access to fresh water isn’t possible. Working at TFT allows me to make a difference by protecting a natural resource that is very personal to me. And my colleagues are inspiring, too!

Home River: Fox River, Illinois