Ben Wyatt
Senior Director of Advancement

Ben brings over 15 years of experience in philanthropy, donor engagement, corporate social responsibility, and community-based marketing to The Freshwater Trust. In his role as Senior Director of Advancement, he manages long-term philanthropic relationships with individual major donors, foundations, and family offices.

Prior to joining TFT, he worked in giving and sponsorship roles for NPR stations in the Pacific Northwest. Following this work, he transitioned into corporate social responsibility and socially conscious marketing roles with an emphasis on finding ways to bridge the gap between corporate marketing dollars and nonprofit fundraising objectives. Through these experiences, Ben has been fortunate to work on all sides of the philanthropic model and believes that a comprehensive, long-term approach to philanthropic giving is necessary to achieve lasting results. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Media Communications from Middle Tennessee State University. Throughout his career, connecting individual, foundation, and corporate donors with nonprofits in need of their support has been a fundamental mission. Outside of his philanthropic work, Ben enjoys fly fishing, camping, playing music with friends, and riding his motorcycle.

Ben’s Why: Rivers and forests have been important to me throughout my life, and I am honored to work with an organization tasked with protecting them. I grew up on the James River in Virginia, where I spent countless days exploring and falling in love with these natural resources. They are essential to our future and I’m proud to be on the front lines helping to protect them.

Home River: James River, Virginia