Oregon breweries show their support for freshwater conservation

January 13, 2016

In 2015, Portland, Oregon, took the esteemed title of “Best Beer City in the World,” beating out other notable beer cities: Berlin, Munich, Dublin and Prague.

The news didn’t shock Oregonians. With 234 breweries in 72 cities, the industry brings in $2.38 billion for the state’s economy and employs 30,000. Saying beer is a part of the state’s culture would be a gross understatement.

The Freshwater Trust recognizes something that all brewers intimately know: Great beer requires great water.

That’s why we’re calling on breweries in our home state to join The Brewers Challenge – a collaborative pledge that will be unveiled at our 33rd Annual Gala & Auction on Friday, February 26, at the Portland Art Museum.

The Brewers Challenge will match contributions from individual donors at the event to leverage support for The Freshwater Trust’s freshwater conservation efforts. Breweries can join the challenge by making a tax-deductible contribution of at least $500.

“We’re proud to have been fixing Oregon rivers like the Sandy, the Deschutes, the John Day and the Rogue for more than 30 years,” said Andy Meeks, development officer. “Brewers in this state understand our natural resources are unrivaled. They know the economic, cultural and environmental value to protecting them.”

Deschutes Brewery, BridgePort Brewing, Breakside Brewery, Gigantic Brewing and Hopworks Urban Brewery have been the first to make commitments, and we hope others are inspired by their leadership. Contributions to the challenge will help The Freshwater Trust protect and conserve the rivers and streams we all rely upon.

Interested in joining the challenge?

Submit an online donation below and mention “Brewers Challenge” in the “Recognition” line, or contact Andy Meeks at andy@thefreshwatertrust.org or 503-222-9091 x 58.

Join the challenge

Brewers Challenge Participants To Date

Deschutes Brewery

Breakside Brewery

BridgePort Brewing

Gigantic Brewing Company

Hopworks Urban Brewery

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