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We can fix this.

If we don’t change direction, we’ll end up where we’re headed.

Joe Whitworth

Given the trends of freshwater indicators and wild fish populations, it has become clear that the traditional conservation methods engaged over the last quarter century are proving inadequate to demands placed on our ecosystems. The system of laws, procedures and funding — while providing key protections and needed building blocks — has become badly fragmented at a time when we cannot afford to be anything less than efficient. Bulwarks intended to thwart reckless extraction have grown into barriers to restoration.

We have all the ingredients for success: willing landowners, well-intended agencies, capable locals and millions of dollars of annual investment, and yet we are not gaining ground.

We must change course.

The Freshwater Trust builds and implements the tools and methods that can accelerate results for our freshwater ecosystems. As you look through these pages, you will notice our take on conservation is decidedly not more of the same. Whether technology, mergers or non-traditional ways to fund philanthropic work, this ain’t your parents’ conservation group — we are interested in doing what it takes to get results on the ground. We’re not a think-tank, we’re a “do-tank”, and our singular focus is to provide the platform for practical conservation. At scale.

If you’re a landowner looking to do work, you’ve come to the right place. Regulator interested in accelerating your efforts and ensuring results? Funder looking to leverage your conservation investment? Restoration professional looking to source, qualify and execute projects? Conservationist? Trout bum? Come on in and make a difference.

Thanks for checking out our website — we hope you will find it a useful place.

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Joe Whitworth
The Freshwater Trust

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