New Manager Added to Communication & Development Team


The Freshwater Trust has added a new manager to its Communications & Development Team.

As the Development Manager, Tom Moosbrugger will keep The Freshwater Trust’s current base of donors informed and engaged and encourage others to support the restoration and conservation of freshwater resources.

Tom holds bachelor’s degrees in English literature and philosophy from the University of Hong Kong. He says he’s always wanted to be part of bigger conversations about human experience and purpose. He found the perfect juncture between those in the world of conservation.

Beginning his career as a canvasser with Environment Oregon, Tom Moosbrugger found a knack and love for communicating with supporters. He led a campaign to keep plastic out of the Pacific Ocean by banning the plastic bag from several cities in the state.

He then went on to oversee the advocacy organization’s major donor program and cultivated a set of top donors to support their work statewide.

“I was passionate about these issues and wanted others to feel that same level of passion and drive to get involved and do something big for the natural resources we all rely on,” he said. “I’ve always felt good about being the one to build and grow a community of committed people.”

Tom is looking forward to creating that for The Freshwater Trust.

“Water is the ultimate connector,” he said. “I’m looking forward to telling the story of this organization, its people, its accomplishments and its aspirations.”

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