Immerse 2021 – May 13, 2021

Big problems demand bigger solutions. Despite spending $2 trillion over the last 60 years, more than half of America’s rivers remain impaired under the Clean Water Act. How we are managing water isn’t working, and that has massive implications for the resiliency of our world. After nearly 40 years, The Freshwater Trust (TFT) knows what our sector is missing to accelerate the pace and scale by which we fix freshwater ecosystems. Our rivers and aquifers need meaningful, lasting solutions that are data-driven, holistic, strategic, and targeted. And most importantly, these strategies are needed at the basin scale.

At Immerse 2021, a virtual benefit for TFT, you’ll have the behind-the-scenes opportunity to immerse yourself in TFT’s analytical approach and data-driven work to fundamentally change how all rivers are fixed. You’ll hear about the current state and trajectory of the organization and meet some of TFT’s brilliant staff working on this big, hairy problem. Importantly, you’ll play a fundamental role in helping us fix it. 

Purchase Your Ticket

This will be a ticketed event with two tiers: An individual price ($20) and a VIP price ($100). We are fortunate to be partnering with incredible brands, including Jacobsen Sea Salt, Hood River Distillers, and YETI to offer all our VIPs a care package straight to their door in advance of May 13. VIP care packages will only be delivered to the Portland Metro area. By purchasing a VIP ticket, you will also be supporting many local businesses who deserve our support.

Sponsoring Immerse

Supporting this event means supporting one of the most innovative environmental nonprofits in the West. It means that you and your company want to see entire watersheds fixed within our lifetimes and your support gets us closer to that ambitious goal. Sponsorship benefits have been developed in order to maximize your exposure not only during this unique, virtual event but well in advance of it.

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