Podcast: Bradford Warner, Agspring

August 16, 2015

Farmers can be the most sustainable business people in the entire economy. So says my 14th podcast guest Bradford Warner. Warner works with Agspring, a company developing sustainable agriculture supply chains to feed a changing world.

Growing up in the Midwest, he watched how farmers interact with natural resources and felt firsthand how economically important farming is to these rural communities. This led Bradford to Agspring. In his words, he wanted to sink his teeth into the real-world applicability for sustainability.

“I wanted to work somewhere that was – in a very tangible way – making a difference in the health of our planet,” said Warner. “And when you talk about natural resources, an amazing percentage of them are used in agricultural production.”

Agspring focuses on agriculture infrastructure and specifically, the movement and trade flow of grains and oilseeds around the world. The company combines entrepreneurial teams, essential supply chains and private capital to maximize the efficiencies of integrated supply chains to make green business good business.

Warner explains how agriculture’s biggest players like Monsanto and Syngenta, as well as small family farms, can move the supply chain needle. And like a good Midwestern boy, he even works football into the conversation.

“Increasing farm yields today is like a football — a game of inches,” he said.

What does he mean by that?

You have to tune in to find out. Thanks for listening.

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