Victoria Pebbles
Senior Director of Programs

Victoria brings nearly three decades of experience in environmental policy and management to The Freshwater Trust. Before joining TFT, Victoria spent more than two decades at the Great Lakes Commission, where she created, collaborated on, developed and executed programs and policy initiatives to protect and restore the largest body of fresh surface water on earth. Working with eight U.S. states and two Canadian provinces, she advanced policies and programs dealing with water quality, water infrastructure, climate, energy, agriculture, and accountability. Victoria has served on various boards and committees and has contributed to and authored dozens of policy briefs, journal articles and topical reports, including a chapter on water diplomacy featured in a 2020 book on the role of river basin organizations. She has been a regularly invited speaker at various environmental and water forums across the globe and has also taught classes on water policy and diplomacy at the University of Michigan. Victoria holds an MS from the University of Michigan, a certificate in Environmental Leadership from U.C. Berkeley’s Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program, and a BA from UC Santa Cruz. As Senior Director of Programs, Victoria will leverage her experience in and passion for water and sustainability to advance watershed-based solutions across the range of TFT programs. Outside the office, she enjoys being on and near the water and helping her garden grow.

Home Rivers: Petaluma River, Northern California; Huron River, Michigan