Sammi Teo
Legislative Coordinator

Sammi’s mission is to advocate for systemic change on behalf of this planet and its people. She comes to The Freshwater Trust (TFT) with years of experience applying an intersectional lens to a variety of environmental policies. Prior to TFT, she was a policy staffer for a state House Representative, where she primarily worked on proposed legislation before the House Energy and Environment Committee. Sammi holds a Juris Doctor and Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from Lewis & Clark Law School and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Environmental Policy, and Labor Studies Law from Rutgers University. As a Legislative Coordinator, Sammi is responsible for organizing and coordinating TFT’s legislative efforts at the state and federal level. She advises TFT staff on significant legislation and opportunities, and utilizes TFT’s data management system to lead and monitor conservation policy. She is dedicated to utilizing TFT’s decades of water expertise to inform policies on freshwater ecosystems, water conservation, and habitat restoration. Outside the office, Sammi enjoys birding, camping, hiking, and curating music playlists.

Home River: Hudson River