Karolina Lobrow
Freshwater Fund Manager

Karolina Lobrow brings almost a decade of combined experience in project management, fundraising and creative content development. Professionally, she has served as a project manager for international aid organizations like Peace Corps and Mercy Corps, has ran programs within Tribal governments in Washington State and was most recently engaged as the Senior Development Manager at World Pulse, a Portland based non-profit. Karolina holds an MBA from Brandeis University Heller School for Social Policy and Management and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Western Washington University. As Freshwater Fund Manager, Karolina aims to create an experience and connection for donors and supporters that is best described as being welcomed home by friends and family. When not at The Freshwater Trust, you can find her exploring Portland by bike, tromping through the forests and dreaming of becoming an amateur mycologist.

Home River: Vistula River, Poland