Kaola Swanson
Conservation Programs Director

Kaola brings years of experience in landscape ecology, forest ecology, ecosystem service valuation and environmental education to The Freshwater Trust. She has worked with the Conservation Trust of North Carolina, The Eno River Association and Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center on payment for watershed services programs, land conservation, and as an environmental educator. Kaola holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from University of Oregon and a master’s degree in Environmental Management with a concentration in Ecosystem Science and Conservation from the Nicholas School at Duke University. As Conservation Programs Director, she manages key analysis tasks for quantified conservation actions and water quality trading programs. Her research includes policy analysis, program feasibility evaluation, program design and conservation prioritization. Outside the office, Kaola can be found swimming in mountain lakes and streams, lost in a book or hiking with her dogs.

Home River: Eno River, North Carolina

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