Julia Bond
Science Director

Julia brings a wealth of knowledge in watershed assessment to The Freshwater Trust. Prior to joining The Freshwater Trust in 2012, she spent two years working with the Indiana Clean Lakes Program, a comprehensive, statewide public lake management program, conducting water quality monitoring and working with citizens and volunteers to encourage environmental stewardship. Julia holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of North Carolina and master’s degrees in Environmental Science and Public Affairs with a concentration in water resources from Indiana University. As the Science Director, Julia plays a key role in providing analytical support for The Freshwater Trust’s water quality trading programs by directing technical analyses to evaluate program feasibility and ecological priorities. Julia’s work focuses on quantifying the environmental benefits of conservation actions, including actions such as large-scale, active restoration actions and agricultural best management practices. Outside the office, she enjoys hiking, spending time in the garden, or reading a good book.

Home River: River Thames, UK

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