Evelyn Cheng
Ecosystem Services Analyst

Evelyn brings to the Freshwater Trust her experience as an ecologist, data analyst, and public advocate for science. With a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Texas at Austin and University of Colorado Boulder, respectively, she has spent much of her career at public institutions such as the United States Geological Survey, studying water, soil, and plant and insect communities throughout the American West. In recent years, Evelyn has spent her spare time honing her software development skills and working on her nonprofit called Girls on Rock, which provides tuition-free wilderness and science immersion expeditions to girls from underrepresented communities. As an Ecosystem Services Analyst at the Freshwater Trust, she endeavors to use science and technology to bring out the compelling stories that data have to tell, so that people can make informed management decisions regarding the rivers with which their lives are entwined. Outside of the office, you might find her climbing rocks, biking, playing/listening to music, or attempting to make stop motion movies with random found objects.

Evelyn’s Why: I like watching fully-fledged projects emerge from ideas. After everything comes together in the end, it’s fun to reflect back on all the steps we took along the way.

Home River: Colorado River, Texas