Anya Starovoytov
Program Outreach Manager

Anya Starovoytov’s background includes over a decade of experience in soil science, conservation planning, and project management across federal, state, and local agencies. Anya holds a Master of Science in Ecology from Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Rutgers University. She originally hails from Ukraine and is fluent in Russian. Prior to joining TFT, Anya’s work included conservation planning and landowner coordination at Natural Resources Conservation Service and at a Resource Conservation District, regulatory permitting at a Regional Water Quality Control Board, and performing environmental assessments for a private consulting firm. As a Program Outreach Manager in TFT’s Sacramento office, Anya is using her technical knowledge to develop effective outreach and communication strategies for landowners, stakeholders, and partner organizations. Outside the office, Anya is an avid trail runner, gardener, and keeper of chickens.

Home River: Dnieper River  in the Ukraine

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