Alex Johnson
Vice President - Initiatives

Alex directs program funding activities for The Freshwater Trust. He has led the analysis, development and implementation of some of the first water quality trading programs in the Pacific Northwest. He has deep experience working directly with private and public entities to develop watershed restoration solutions for Clean Water Act compliance or to achieve voluntary conservation goals. He directed The Freshwater Trust’s engagement with new partners and programs, and in developing the financial mechanisms and models necessary to achieve scalable environmental outcomes nationally. Alex holds a BS in Economics and a Certificate of Markets & Management from Duke University, and is also a member of a two-state family farming operation that produces wheat, barley and timber.

Prior to his work with The Freshwater Trust, Alex spent more than a year planning and building a 16-mile conservation tourism trail on the northern coast of Ecuador which involved many of the same themes of landowner recruitment and natural design inherent in his current watershed restoration work. He remains a partner in a sustainable farming project in that region. He also spent years working for a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley in commodities trading and logistics in Denver, Colorado.

Alex’s Why: Working at TFT is so much more than a job for me – I’m really fulfilled to be able to intensely think and act in service of broad-scale and rapid systems change that is incredibly needed. We do great projects and engage with some incredible partners around the West, but to be able to do those things all in service of a larger vision for how to bring the environment back in balance with the economy? That’s pretty sweet.